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Computerized ADHD Testing


Symptoms of ADHD


  • distractibility 

  • procrastinating

  • poor follow through

  • forgetfulness

  • disorganization


  • inability to sit still

  • fidgeting

  • tapping


  • lack of impulse control

  • interrupting

  • blurting out answers

How QbCheck Works


QbCheck is an advanced test of objective symptoms associated with ADHD that may be completed virtually via telehealth. It is FDA cleared to aid the professional in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. By using a PC or Mac, QbCheck is used to gain a clear understanding of your symptoms.


During the test, you will be asked to perform a 15 or 20-minute computer-based task. The task measures your ability to maintain attention and impulse control. Your web camera uses facial recognition to track your movements during the test. The results are used to create a report which compares your performance to that of other people of the same sex and age who do not have ADHD.


When to test with QbCheck


Initially to aid with diagnosis and to quantify the severity of symptoms


During medication initiation and dosing changes to ensure efficacy


​Periodically while off medication to determine the need for continued treatment

Research-backed & FDA cleared


QbCheck is made by a Swedish company called Qbtech that specializes in ADHD testing software.  Backed by over 30 studies, QbCheck is FDA cleared to aid the professional in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, for ages 6-60. It is one of the most advanced online tests for symptoms associated with ADHD. 

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