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A New Year

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

It is about that time... time for those New Year Resolutions! As 2021 has come to a close, some people are positive about 2022, some indifferent, and some are also fearful. What does this year look like for you? This is an important question to ask yourself because our inner dialogue can definitely set the pace on how we start out the year.

Many people do not think about making a resolution in relation to their mental health, but fortunately, they still do it in a passive or involuntary way. For example, if your resolution is getting in more physical exercise, you are treating your mental health. The same goes for diet and eating better. What comes to your mind when thinking about those two words: Mental Health?

There are many pieces to the puzzle that make up our mental health. As mentioned previously, two of those include diet and exercise. Therefore, bringing in the new year with resolutions that focus on diet and exercise are great! Forget all the haters at the gym and stick with it! If we do not utilize our fuel (food), then we cannot maintain a balance in our overall health. Physical activity of some kind is also needed to utilize that fuel, to feed our body the necessary nutrients it needs to function.

What else?! SLEEP! Let's face it, if you are not sleeping, you are probably psychotic. Well, not really, but sleep is IMPERATIVE to your mental and physical health. Sleep is when our body and mind RESTS, HEALS, and RECUPERATES. Any well-engineered machine has to

rest or it will reach its limit and break down. Therefore, it is always great to make getting sleep a new year's resolution.

These are some good New Year's Resolutions to start with, but the great thing is that you can start making your mental health a priority at any time!

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