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Positive Mental Health Practices

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. There are a number of practices that foster good mental health. We encourage you to celebrate mental health month in a constructive way by making it a point to:

  • Make sleep a priority

  • Show care by volunteering

  • View each day as a blessing

  • Forgive others

  • Eat well, change your diet if necessary

  • Talk to someone you trust

  • Do something you enjoy

  • Hug a pet (with permission!)

  • Say I love you to someone you love

  • Begin each day with 3 expressions of gratitude (be specific)

  • Call a friend

  • Say yes to good decisions

  • Take care of your body

  • Quiet your mind (take a break from social media, your phone, and your computer)

  • Talk about your feelings

  • Find something to laugh about

  • Treat yourself with kindness

  • Enjoy nature

  • Think positively

  • Check in with your social support group

  • Stay away from harmful substances

  • Think before you speak

  • Stop your inner critic!

Pick a few or even one to start. Work your way slowly through the list.

If you find yourself struggling with the notion of practicing several of these ideas or feel like you are unable, consider seeking professional help. You are not alone. Many people are broken and hurt in some aspect of their life.

Some hindrances to mental health wellness are faulty thought patterns or core beliefs, damaged feelings, strained relationships, past abuse, poor choices, addictions, and a negative way of seeing yourself and others. These realities lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. Counseling helps you become aware of the impact of these forces in your life and teaches you how to manage them. Celebrate mental health month by embracing the practices of healthy, positive, and empowering mental health.

-Michael P. Groves, MA, NCC, LPC

LifeSpring Behavioral Health

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